Types of ATV Vehicles and their Uses

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Automotive


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Honda Bike Company is by far the world’s most recognized giant manufacturer of motorcycles, cars, power equipment, engines, ATVs, solar cells, robots, and also aircrafts which has a huge market all around the globe.The company has been the leading motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and has so far announced its 300-millionth motorcycle. It has been able to produce different designs of bikes installed with wonderful technology. Honda offers scrupulous quality, safety, state of art technology, and good performance. One of the best and most admirable Honda innovations is the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) which is a motorized vehicle designed with low-pressure tires with a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and equipped with handle bars for steering control.

ATVs are specially designed for off-road rides and come in different shapes and sizes and are basically designed for different uses. Some of the uses include:

     *     Recreation
     *     Ranching
     *     Hunting,racing
     *     Pit-vehicles
     *     Military
     *     Emergency

ATVs are also used for ploughing and rounding up cattle on ranches. People use them for adventure on rough terrain in the mountains and on the snow. Their performance is mainly based on the size of engine for speed and power and their engines come in different sizes.

The company has been able to manufacture the vehicles in different models and each comes with its style, shape, and design. They come in different types which are-;

Side by Side Models

This ATV is comprised of 4 wheels and two or more passenger seats and a space for cargo.The vehicles are becoming more popular since they are mostly used for agricultural tasks like ploughing and for leisure and recreational purposes. It has a very powerful motor which makes it strong enough to carry passengers. Its also light in weight which makes it easier to handle.

Youth Models

These come in smaller sizes specially designed for young riders as they are less complex compared to other versions.They are mostly used to train young riders as they are much easier to handle.

Utility quads

This type of ATV is mostly used for agricultural purposes or for ranching as they are more powerful with a high performance rate. The newer versions are silent runners which is why hunters love them and also use them to carry heavy cargo. Their engines are more powerful to carry out the specified tasks.

Sports ATVs

They are more flexible with powerful engines designed for racing where they are used for jumping, sliding around corners, and flying around. They come with good handling features and shifting skills which makes them effective for sporting.

These ATV models are some of the greatest innovations that the Honda Bike Company has ever produced as they are very useful and effective.

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