Types and Styles of Window Tint in Southlake, TX

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Automotive


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Window tint in Southlake, TX, is used for a variety of purposes, some of which are privacy or security, heat reduction and protection from UV rays. Window tint is two to seven mm thick polyester film. In some cases, there may be several layers of the film bonded together. To filter out the dangerous UV rays, there is a chemical blocker incorporated into the film. One side of the film is either coated with a pressure-sensitive substance or a water-activated adhesive. The side of the film that is facing out is treated with a scratch-resistant coating.

Dyed Film

The purpose of window tint in Southlake, TX, may be primarily to dissipate the affects of the sun inside the car. However, it has its part to do with eliminating or minimizing heat also. There is a dye that is added to the film for this purpose. The heat that is reflected away is largely stored in the exterior part of the glass and thus is taken away by the air movement.

Deposited Film

The other technology that is utilized in film production is something called deposition technology. This is a process where the film is pulled through a tank containing aluminum or nickel-chrome ingots. The right pressure is created in the tank to create a vacuum. That vacuum is flooded with argon gas. This process heats the ingots, causing them to give up small particles to collect on the film’s surface. Because of the processes the deposited film goes through, it is a darker, highly mirrored surface.

Sputtered Film

The sputtering technology for window tint in Southlake, TX, is a bit more complicated, but like the deposited film, it is accomplished in a vacuum chamber. The metalizing is done when electromagnetic fields send a bombardment of ions onto the surface of the film. The benefit of this method over the deposited film is a variety of metals can be used to make a lighter film.

Hybrid Film

There are also films that utilize both the dye and the reflective metals on the surface for window tint in Southlake, TX. The best part about using a hybrid film is the negatives of both are mitigated by the other’s technology. So if you have a film with a grayish dye coupled with a titanium metal, rather than having a dark reflective film, you will have a bright film that is non-reflective with a reduced mirroring effect.

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