The Best Side Loader Truck

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Automobile


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When trying to find the right truck for a dirty job the side loader truck is the first choice. The side loader truck is a heavy duty truck made primarily for garbage collection. Built with a side arm for grabbing waste receptacles, these trucks are capable of lifting heavy loads and storing a lot of garbage in their carrying hold. They are also a high torque vehicle able to haul heavy loads over long distances. If you are looking for a truck that can complete long routes for garbage hauling, this is the vehicle you will need. Cities all over the world employ these to haul their garbage. One of the most challenging issues is finding a place that sells high quality and affordable side loader trucks, but RDK has that ability to find what you want at an affordable price.

Mack Side Loader Trucks

This particular brand is one of the most popular in the United States at the present time. When a garbage truck is seen driving through an average American neighborhood, it is probably a Mack side loader truck. The average asking price for a Mack line truck ranges from $230,000 to $270,000, depending on who you purchase it from. Whatever the price, though, you are getting a great deal when buying from Mack, a time-honored American company.

IHC Side Loader Trucks

If you are looking for something different than the Mack brand side loader trucks, you will definitely want to take a look at IHC. RDK features this quality brand, highly recommended and used throughout rural America, for their garbage collection and waste removal needs. The high quality vehicle this company produces has numerous variations manufactured for peak performance on whatever job you need done. The price range for these is also very affordable ranging anywhere from $59,000 to $250,000 making this one of the cheaper and more reliable companies to do business with.

Volvo Sider Loader Trucks

Trying to find an affordable and high-quality side loader truck can be difficult on a budget. No one wants to sacrifice quality or pay an arm and a leg for a truck, so Volvo, a great Swedish company, has decided to make the task easier. Volvo has made side loader trucks that are highly efficient and affordable for those with a lower budget. Not only do they make good cars, but their side loaders are in high demand, especially in northern Europe and, in particular, in Germany. The price range is astonishingly affordable given the high quality of this brand. They sell for anywhere between $12,000 for smaller and more basic variations, and up to $135,000 for their more top-of-the-line equipment.

While there are many brands for side loader trucks, those listed here are at the top of the game in their respective categories, and you can’t go wrong when using one of these brands. Whether you are doing waste removal or hauling garbage from a waste containment center, they are sure to get the job done and done right. Whatever your needs in this area, RDK has nothing but high quality to offer customers.

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