The Advantages of Choosing an Independent Auto Repair Services in Columbia MO

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Auto Repair


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When choosing Auto Repair Service in Columbia MO, drivers make many considerations-; but the first should be whether to return to the dealership for service. While on-site repair centers typically offer great service, it can be worthwhile to find a reliable independent garage. Read on to learn the main benefits of opting for an owner-operated repair shop over the dealership.

Independent Shops Offer Lower Prices

An independently-run shop is more affordable than a dealership’s garage for a variety of reasons, one of which is that dealers’ labor rates are higher. Dealers hire manufacturer-certified technicians who work on certain makes. While this is a good way to ensure that repairs are done correctly, local shops are usually just as proficient in making repairs. To minimize the risk, take the car to a shop that’s ASE certified.

Corner Shops Are More Convenient

Odds are, taking a vehicle to a local shop will be more convenient than waiting at the dealership. Dealers tend to cluster around major highways, which can be far from home. By comparison, independent shops can set up anywhere, including places near residential areas.

They Come Highly Recommended

Dealers must meet strict standards that are set forth by manufacturers. While it may seem beneficial, it might mean that dealers are more concerned with the manufacturer’s happiness than with the customer’s. However, an independent shop thrives on good word-of-mouth. They take care of their customers, who in turn recommend the shop to family and friends. When looking for a place to take a car for repairs, drivers should start by asking for recommendations.

Personalized Service

A corner shop benefits from a higher level of personalized service. If a driver finds a good shop, the odds are that they will form a relationship with the staff over time. Personal relationships often result in better service, and customers may receive a discount on service over time. In contrast, customers rarely get to talk to the technicians at a larger shop or a dealership; rather, they talk to sales staff that work between mechanics and customers.

There are many reasons to choose an independently owned Auto Repair Services in Columbia MO over a dealership, such as price, proximity and personalized service. By taking the time to find a shop that offers a good combination of these attributes, such as Auto Tech Of Columbia LLC, drivers can get needed repairs for an affordable price. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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