Suspension Repair Service in Louisville KY And Suspension Upgrades

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Automotive


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Truck owners who have to get Suspension Repair Service in Louisville KY may find themselves thinking about upgrading their trucks while they are at it. After all, the truck is already in the shop getting work done. Why not take advantage of the situation by getting upgrades that might have been desired for quite some time? As far as suspension upgrades are concerned, truck owners may wonder whether they should lift their vehicles or lower them. What about wheel alignment? Is it really necessary after getting a truck’s suspension alerted?

As far as lifting or lowering a truck for upgrades during Suspension Repair Service in Louisville KY, there are big differences between the two. For people who like to drive on rough terrain, a lift kit is the better of the two options. It helps to give a truck clearance over things that could do some pretty bad damage to components in its chassis. Off-road driving has cost drivers who weren’t prepared for it a lot of money. For drivers who are more concerned about getting the best handling on pavement, a lowering kit is best. A lowering kit helps to drop the truck’s center of gravity which can help a great deal when it comes to handling tight turns.

People getting suspension work done at Medley’s Auto & Truck Alignment Services Inc or any other auto shop might also want to know about alignments. Although not all the kits that are used to lift and lower vehicles require that an alignment be done right after the job, it’s still recommended to do so. The fact is that altering any of the suspension components can cause balance problems even when things are done correctly. Getting an alignment done can correct problems even if the problems aren’t that noticeable. Alignment problems can still cause tires to wear out before they should, mess with the fuel economy of the vehicle, and affect handling.

Vehicle owners who are thinking about getting suspension upgrades as part of suspension repair may wonder about their warranties. For the most part, warranties are still good after upgrades are made. It should be noted that dealers may look for loopholes to void warranties, so vehicle owners should be prepared.

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