Signs That You Need To Replace Your Old Tires With New Bridgestone Tires In Paramus, NJ

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Automotive


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If the tires on your vehicle are worn out, this is a safety issue for you and the passengers in your car. Bald tires can cause a vehicle to hydroplane on wet pavement, affect braking capabilities due to low tire pressure, and puncture more easily. Below, you’ll learn the signs of worn out tires so you’ll know when it’s time to visit a Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ, area dealer to buy new tires.

1. Inspect the treads, or ridges, of your tires to determine the amount of wear. If there is less than 1/16 of an inch of tread on your tires, it’s time for replacement tires. If you’re not sure how much tread you have left on your tires, use a tread depth instrument for an accurate measurement.

2. Look at the sidewalls of your tires and examine them for bulges, cracks and splits. If you notice any type of damage to the sidewalls, this is another sign you should replace the tires. A bulge in your tire is a sign the inside of the tire has sustained damage. When the interior area of a tire is damaged, it causes air to leak out to the outside layers of the tire. This build up of air is what causes a bulge and a potential blow out.

3. If you’ve had the same tires on your vehicle for over six years, you may need to buy a new set. After this amount of time, tires will start to age and become unsafe while driving. Even if you don’t drive your car very often, the heat from the sun and hot pavement can cause wear or damage to your tires. If you’re not certain of the age of your tires, visit a tire shop and have a mechanic inspect your tires. If your tires are worn out, a Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ, area dealer can replace your old tires with a new set that’s safe.

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