Should You Choose Auto Transmission Service in Fern Creek, KY?

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Auto Repair


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When you buy a new car, your auto insurance rates usually increase. Therefore, sometimes it is more cost-effective to service the transmission in an older car. When you choose this service option, you can save money on trading an older car for a newer-model vehicle. Transmissions can be maintained to perform better so car owners can reduce their driving expenses.

Power Flushing May Be What Your Car Needs

If you own an older vehicle, you may want to opt for an Auto Transmission Service in Fern Creek, KY that enables you to power flush the system. This type of service does not involve draining and refilling a car’s transmission. Instead, power flushing dislodges particles and sludge that can obstruct the power even when clean transmission fluid is added.

Even manual cars require an auto transmission service from time to time. Make sure that you know which fluid you should use for your car. If you use the wrong fluid, you can shorten the life of your gearbox and affect your car’s performance. For example, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) fluid is specifically formulated for technologically advanced variable transmissions. Therefore, it can only be added to these types of transmissions.

A Complicated Undertaking

Checking the transmission fluid can be difficult as this type of auto transmission service often requires that a car be hoisted on a lift. Plus, changing the transmission fluid can be messy. Moreover, many of today’s cars feature transmissions that have been sealed tightly. A mechanic must use a service computer to check a transmission’s components as well.

If you want to keep an older car longer or avoid the expense of a new vehicle, you need to learn more about maintaining the transmission. Visit us online to gain further insight. Set up an appointment today to keep your car running longer. Learn to distinguish between maintenance myths and truths so you can make the most from any driving experience.

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