Roush Mustang in Madison is Turning Heads

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Automotive


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Though few of us will ever know the true feel of Nascar racing that a Roush racing driver does, we can have a similar experience with the new Roush Mustang for sale in Madison since August of 2013.

While all the love of speed and the Nascar enthusiast in all of us would like nothing more than to be powering around the track, the rest of us can get behind the wheel of a Roush Mustang in Madison.  Roush Performance has been making aftermarket performance parts for many a Ford line for decades.  But the partnership between the engineering departments at both Ford Motor Company and Roush Performance have been working in conjunction since the turn of the century, and 2013 is no exception.

Stated as being , “Engineered on the track, Refined for everyday”, on the Roush Detroit Muscle Redefined Website, it’s excitement you would open each day you slip behind the wheel. The Roush Mustang is actually an entire inch lower to the ground as it comes with the same standard 19” wheels of aluminum and tires that the higher priced Ford Mustang GT comes with standard.  This lowers the car’s center of gravity giving the driver an improved feel for the road and offering an improved sense of handling around the sharpest of corners.  But speed enthusiasts need not worry, the chassis isn’t the only improvement, the Mustang’s V6 is as responsive as it’s higher priced imported sports cars offer.

While Ford has enjoyed decades of success with the Mustang model, it’s racing legend Jack Roush that has made specific improvements with the racing attitude in mind.  Speed has always been one of the top appeals of the Ford Mustang model but the Roush Mustang for sale in Madison has something more in the style department as it does in the performance department.  Quoted as being said to be on the Roush Detroit Muscle Redefined website reading, “Engineered on the track, Refined for everyday”, that’s just how new owners seem to feel about the special Roush Ford Mustang V6 package vehicle.

You can see that is was Roush Performance that developed the Roush Mustang as the appearances and upgrades are clearly from the racing origin.  Some of the extras that are available like the Roush optional hood scoop, rear quarter window louvers for racing appeal and the RS graphics for the hood and sides give the real racing look.  The interior bears the Roush mark as well with ROUSH RS embroidered floor mats, a ROUSH center console badge and on the GT charcoal leather searing or ROUSH sport leather seating and a cool black or white shifter ball handle and suede wrapped steering wheel.  What’s also nice is that Ford is offering the Roush upgrades packages on all the Mustang models, for race enthusiasts at all price points.  Find the Roush Mustang in Madison and find the model that’s right for you.

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