Looking for a Pre-owned Chevy Dealership, Look near Orland Park

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Automotive


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If that wonderful new-car smell and less than 20 miles on the odometer is what you want, then you are a candidate for buying a new car. However, if you want to buy a well-maintained, low mileage car for considerably less money, you are a candidate for a pre-owned Chevy. If you buy a $30,000 car in Orland Park, it loses $3,000 in value by the time you get it home. After three years, the car is worth approximately $17,000. Bear in mind these are industry averages. Some cars depreciate less while others depreciate more. However, the truth is, all new cars lose value in the first three years.

Avoid the Deprivation Hit

Smart car buyers can avoid this loss in vehicle value by purchasing a used car, one that has been treated well, not very old, and has not been driven many miles. When you buy a certified pre-owned Chevy, the original owner has absorbed a great deal of the depreciation, and the car has many years of reliable driving left in it.

CPO programs in Orland Park can provide the buyer with peace of mind. Although a CPO Chevy is slightly more expensive than a used car, CPO programs offer a great deal, including:

  • Multi-point inspection and reconditioning to bring the car to the almost as-new condition
  • An extended warranty, including roadside assistance
  • Finance is available at a more attractive rate

Many buyers find the slight additional cost to be well worth it, and certified pre-owned cars will always cost less than a new car.

When you buy a pre-owned Chevy, you are not the original owner, nor did you put the original miles on it. However, you will be saving yourself a considerable amount of money with very little compromise in condition, warranty, and performance.

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