How Are Auto Parts Online Atlanta GA Sold?

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Automotive


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Auto Parts Online Atlanta GA are auto parts that are available for purchase through a distributor on the Internet. The parts are categorized by make and model of each vehicle and saved within a database that retrieves a listing for the part. Customers select information pertaining to their automobile based upon the options found within the drop-down menu.

The customer enters the name or description of the part into a search box, after the make and model of the vehicle are established. The program operating the website performs a search through the database to determine whether the part is within the supplier’s inventory. A list appears upon the screen when the part is found. A dialog box appears stating that the part is in available during this time when the part is not in stock.

The out-of-stock message provides information pertaining to when the part is available again. The customer has the option to order the Auto Parts Online at the date shown or to schedule a pre-order for the part. Pre-ordering allows the customer to pay for the part immediately. However, the part is not shipped until the in-stock date shown upon the screen. The process is similar to pre-ordering books or video games where you pay now and receive the product on the release date.

The customer has the option to order as many parts as needed at one time. This in turn allows him or her to save on shipping costs as they will only pay for shipping once per order. Ordering each part separately requires additional shipping rates. Some distributors will wave shipping during promotional periods.

By ordering Auto Parts Online Atlanta GA customers have the chance to participate within promotions or receive discounts. Distributors, typically, broadcast all promotional items on the main page of their website or a link to these items. Customers who have purchased parts previously through a given distributor often receive email notifications of sales and discounts.

These events offer a percentage off the price of parts, discounts for purchasing more than one part, or free shipping. Customers may additionally receive a postcard or letter through the mail regarding these savings. If they received an email notification, a code may be required to participate in the sale or promotion.


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