Failing Transmissions And Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Auto Repair


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Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH is something every car owner hopes that they will be able to avoid. Unfortunately, some people take great care of their vehicles and still end up needing major transmission work. There just aren’t any guarantees with machine parts. People should recognize the signs of transmission problems so they will be able to minimize damage.

Scheduled Maintenance Helps

Before worrying about signs of transmission damage, a person needs to understand just how much regular service helps. Having a transmission serviced once a year reduces the likelihood of having major problems. During routine service, fluid levels, seals, and other parts will be checked. Any minor problems can be corrected after an inspection is completed. Contact Auto Repairs Centerville to arrange for preventative maintenance.

Red Flags

A driver has to understand when Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH is needed. Time is of the essence when it comes to transmission and engine problems. A car that is having trouble switching gears more than likely has a transmission problem. A driver will notice that the RPMs go up without their car switching gears until the last second. This is something that is usually noticeable while a driver is attempting to merge onto a freeway.

More Red Flags

Having a car struggle to switch gears isn’t the only sign of transmission damage. Every so often, a person should check underneath their vehicle. That’s the best way to detect leaks without professional help. A person will be able to tell if any transmission fluid or oil is leaking out of their car. If a transmission loses too much fluid, it will have a catastrophic failure. It costs thousands of dollars to have a blown transmission repaired. Fluid should also be checked by examining the dipstick. Not all leaks will make it to the ground.

Transmission problems are serious. A person might not have enough money to get their car back on the road if a major problem happens to their transmission. Owners of older vehicles have to be especially careful with their transmissions. Regular service will make all the difference in the world to most older vehicles.

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