Electric Vehicles – Travel towards a cleaner planet

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With the advent of innovative technological solutions to various problems and constraints we face, the invention of electric vehicles is quite an achievement, a victory of sorts over emissions and indiscriminate usage of fossil fuels which are fast depleting.

The run up to electric vehicles

While conventional fuels are rather limited, artificial and other renewable sources of energy are unlimited. After making a car run on petrol and its derivatives, the next logical step was to find a cleaner fuel. Thus came in the compressed natural gas which was less polluting than petrol or diesel. CNG however is still a non renewable source of energy and so, the search for an alternative source led researchers to the concept of electric vehicles.

Advantages of electrically run vehicles

These vehicles use electricity to power themselves and more often than not, even the electric power used to charge the batteries can be prepared from scratch in an environment friendly way, for example, using the solar panel batteries. Also, because in an electric car, no fuel burns, there are no emissions and this helps the planet breathe.

Truly an eco friendly idea, electrically run cars and bikes are an avenue worth exploring and therefore, many major manufacturers are investing their resources in researching the possibility and scope of these vehicles. There is no doubt that production costs involved in manufacturing this genre of automobiles are pretty high as of now, but as technology advances, the prices will stabilize at a more reasonable level.

In the future, petrol is only going to get more expensive before the reserves eventually run dry. To avoid this from happening, electric vehicles are the obvious solution. These are a promising idea to be explored and exploited and even today, in the long run, will actually pay off for all the initial investment one makes when purchasing an electric automobile.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

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