Buy Car Salvage Yard in New Haven, CT

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Automobile


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When people buy car salvage yard in New Haven, CT they do so for a number of reasons. There are people who are repairing or rebuilding a car and they find the most economical way to get what they need is to buy a car of identical features that otherwise would be heading straight to the junk yard. The useful parts can easily be stripped from this junk vehicle and reused, what is left can then be sent on to the junk yard.

If individuals don’t buy junk cars, there are many auto recyclers who do. These companies remove and reuse parts from inoperable vehicles that are still reusable and then they dispose of what’s left by recycling. Work of this nature takes place in salvage yards where complete destruction can take place by using huge machines to crush cars, tear them into fist size pieces and separate them into different materials that can be recycled. There are hundreds of thousands of cars junked annually, many of them in the United States. Something like 80% of the content of a car is material that can be recycled so the positive environmental impact is great.

The remaining 20% of the vehicle that cannot be recycled goes to landfill sites but scientists are constantly working to find alternatives to disposal. Salvage by firms who buy junk cars in New Haven, CT has three phases. Pre-treatment which is the first phase consists of preparing the vehicle for disassembly. The fluids such as anti-freeze, oil and fuel are drained off and properly stored so as to avoid contamination of the ground water. Likewise the fuel tank is removed as is the battery and tires. The fluids are usually sent for recycling as is the battery. These items require special attention when being recycled so they are sent to recyclers who can handle the work. The gas tank has to be steam cleaned before it can be turned into scrap metal. Tires, depending on their condition are sold as is, sent for retreading, grind up and used in road construction or used as fuel in approved facilities.

The remainder of the vehicle is assessed to determine what else can be removed for direct sale or sale to companies that rebuild parts. There are countless occasions for people to purchase rebuilt components such as engines, transmission, air conditioning compressors, alternators, starter motors etc. The source for these rebuilds are originally from salvage yards who buy car salvage yard in New Haven, CT. The parts that are most often purchased off a junk car are body panels, bumpers, wheels, electronics and complete dog houses which is the entire front end of the car often used in collision repair.

The final stage is to take the carcass and commit to the crusher, the grinder and separation. When it’s all said and done the car has completely vanished.

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