5 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Kia Car Dealer around Santa Fe NM

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Autos


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With so many Kia dealerships around Santa Fe, NM, it is understandable for any car buyer to be overwhelmed. Depending on the dealership you choose, shopping for a Kia near Rio Rancho can either be a dream or a nightmare.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on luck to pick up the best car dealership where you can purchase your Kia. This simple checklist can help you select where to buy your brand new vehicle.

Step 1: Go Online

In this digital age, it would be ridiculous if you don’t use the Internet to conduct simple research on the Kia dealerships serving Santa Fe. NM. After all, most reputable dealerships have their own website.

If you already have a particular dealership in mind, you can go straight to their website to get the information you need like financing options as well their inventory of new or pre-owned cars.

A website with a good user interface can tell you how much that dealership values their customer’s time and effort. The website should also clearly state their complete address, contact details, and hours of operation.

Step 2: Check Out Their Inventory

As previously mentioned, the website is a good source of information on whether a Kia dealership carries a certain model or not. A good dealership must have an impressive inventory to satisfy their clients and their needs.

More often than not, a car buyer already has a specific make and model in mind before they visit a dealership. Looking through the inventory on the dealership’s website saves you the time, money, and effort instead of physically visiting a dealership only to find out that their offers are not as good as they advertise.

Step 3: Mind the Sales Pitch

So, you’ve already finished your research. Now, it’s time to personally visit that Kia dealership near Rio Rancho you’ve chosen. Of course, car dealers are enthusiastic by nature – they need you to hit their sales target. However, there are some car dealers that are more interested in hitting their quota than helping you buy the best vehicle possible for you.

A good car dealer listens to your car needs and sincerely looks for a car that fits your requirements. You can ask a lot of questions (even those that are supposedly ‘dumb’ ones), and you can expect respectful and honest answers. They are not just there to sell a car – they are actually trying to help you drive away with your dream vehicle.

Step 4: Pay Attention to Any Value-Added Service

Everybody loves a good bargain, most especially if that bargain comes with certain perks. Dealerships offering the ‘best deals’ are fairly common. Unfortunately, some of these deals are sometimes mediocre compared to the deals offered by reputable Kia dealerships.

Aside from parts and repair services, some dealerships offer special services like complementary car wash, loaner cars (for those whose cars are under repair), or pickup-and-drop-off services to maximize and simplify your car ownership experience. If your dealership offers the same kind of value-added services, then you clearly have a winner.

Step 5: Beware of the red flags!

Learn to pay attention to small details. Is the lot clean and well-lit? Are the employees in the dealership look angry, sad, or depressed? Is the car dealer too pushy? Is their car deal offer too good to be true?

Listen to what your buyer instincts tell you. Walk away as fast as you can from bad dealers and take your business elsewhere. As a customer, you have the power to decide where to give your hard-earned money.

Still confused? Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips on selecting car dealers and purchasing your dream car.

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