3 Signs That Your Car Needs a Muffler Repair

by | May 3, 2019 | Automobile


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Auto mufflers perform two important tasks. Along with minimize engine sounds, they also help to move exhaust gases away from the engine. While mufflers are built to hold up well for a long time, they can develop problems. Here are three signs that you should take the car in for a muffler repair Santa Rosa CA.

A Drop in Fuel Efficiency

A muffler that’s no longer working properly will affect the engine’s performance. The result is often a loss of fuel efficiency. Even if you don’t notice any other sign, you will begin stopping at a gas station more often. While the issue with fuel efficiency could be caused by other issues, don’t be surprised if the mechanic tells you that a muffler repair Santa Rosa CA will restore your gas mileage.

A Foul Scent Coming From the Muffler

Since part of the muffler’s primary function has to do with removing excess exhaust from the engine, don’t be surprised if you notice an less than pleasant odor coming from the muffler. The odor tells you that it’s no longer capturing and conveying those gases away from the engine properly. Fortunately, it may be possible to repair the muffler and get rid of the scent.

The Muffler’s Making Loud Noises

The most common sign is that the muffler no longer keeps engine noise to a minimum. The issue could be that the muffler is loose and needs to be repositioned. There could also be problems resulting from some sort of jolt or driving the car over something that damaged it in some way. Depending on the severity of the damage, a muffler repair in Santa Rosa CA may be all it takes to correct the situation.

Remember that the damage to the muffler may be severe enough to make repairs impractical. If that’s the case, the auto shop professional will recommend replacing it with a new muffler. Listen closely to your options and pick the one that will provide the most benefit. Doing so will make your ride quieter and more pleasant.

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